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A.A. Media offers the Better Business Retreats:

The Better Business Retreats are designed to give your business the tune-up and maintenance needed to run smoothly. Business maintenance and development is important as is business growth. Many businesses, despite increased profits, fall apart due to internal conflict and or confusion. Maybe you've heard it said: We were doing well financially but for some reason we were not able to keep it together and the business collapsed. Planning, communications, diversity, relationships, and teamwork are the structure upon which a successful business is built; it is the engine and the wheels that move it forward. Having yours in place can put your business on the road to success.

Imagine a business environment where teamwork is the standard, where cooperation and productivity is a driving force among your employees. You can have this vision as your reality by giving your business the retreat it needs.
Register for our scheduled retreats, or a retreat tailored to your unique business needs - be it time, size, budget, schedule, or other concerns.

Our Better Business Retreats, depending our your needs and desired outcome, range from 4-hours (half-day) to multiple-day duration. Our scheduled Better Business Retreats are hosted at our facility in Baltimore, Maryland; however, they can be tailored for your on-site facility.

Call for a free on the path to Better Business consultation now: 410-645-8518 (ofc) | 443-453-3010 (cell)

Business Communication Retreat

Language can be your most powerful asset or deficit. Effective communication can power your business relationships and outcomes to extraordinary success. Imagine your business environment where everyone is in communication synch by way of thinking, performance and action; if so, your path to success is made just that much easier.

Our Business Communication Retreat gets you on track in thought, speech, body language, and action. Benefits include:

Business Mediation Retreat

Transform your toxic and low productivity work environment into a cheerful high-productivity environment by addressing the conflicts and obstacles that hamper your business Our Business Mediation Retreat resolves disagreements, conflicts and differences. Benefits include:

Business Planning Retreat

Set a course for success by establishing clear goals and objectives

Our Business Planning Retreat guides you through the process of setting a clear path to your goals and objectives. Benefits include:

Business Diversity Retreat

Create a culture of inclusion, cooperation and appreciation of differences

Our Business Diversity Retreat uses techniques of empathy, exploration, and information to create awareness and understanding. Benefits include:

Presenter | Facilitator:
Heru-Ka Anu of African American Media is an accomplished leader in the fields of Communications, Mediation, Team Building, Planning, Marketing and Business Management. His accomplishments includes turning businesses around from failing to growing; mediating conflicts with positive outcomes. His employment experiences have included the Maryland Commission on Human Relations (Mediation); Hurricane Island Outward Bound (Diversity Coordinator, Team Building); Cultural Therapy Institute (Mediation, Communications).

Hosting Team:
ShaRon Keyser Our Retreats are hosted by Royal Diamond Event Planning under the leadership of ShaRon Keyser, recognized for outstanding professionalism, presentation, and satisfaction. Royal Diamond Event Planning provides seamless services for your retreat from beginning to end.

Our inclusive packages include:
Workshop Materials and Handouts
Continental Breakfast – depending on start time
Box Lunch – Non-Vegetarian and Vegetarian
Dinner – depending on ending time

Our 4-hour inclusive program for 10-people start at $40.00 per person – includes one meal.

Food Menu
Continental Breakfast
Box Lunch – Sandwich / Wrap; salad; snack (chips, cake, pie); beverage (water, juice).

Available Supplemental Services Include:

  • Break-out Rooms
  • Flat-Screen Television
  • DVD/Blu-Ray Disc Player
  • Internet Access
  • Skye – Teleconferencing

In addition to the Better Business Retreats Let us Host Your:

  • Business Conference
  • Business Workshops
  • Business Classes
  • Business Party
  • Business Lectures
  • Business Leaders Present

Schedule your Better Business Retreat Now!

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